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Getting to know Nandrolona during a 4 weeks cycle

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If you plan to get ciclo de nandrolona 4 semanas then you really need to check on these things because taking this drug does need a good knowledge about this drug. Especially when you’re taking this drug for 4 weeks because the goal here is to optimize the effects of the drug.

Bodybuilding with drugs makes all the difference. It may have made body building faster but it also has risks. If you are bodybuilding naturally it’s just (essentially) about diet and exercise, only these 2 concepts and adding drugs into this equation makes all the difference.

The goal effects: We know why you love to take this drug and made this your drug of choice because of these properties:

Ø  Increases protein synthesis

Ø  Aids in muscle recovery

Ø  Increases endurance and strength

Ø  Getting ripped faster

Ø  No need for prescription

The facts: Even if this is a legal drug and deemed safe for human consumption it doesn’t erase the fact that this is still a drug that you still need to control yourself from taking too much. A drug is a drug no matter how you put it and that is something that you need to always remember. Paracetamol is an over the counter drug. It might be a safe drug even at a higher dose but too much of it and with prolonged use does have dangerous effects. Being cautious is very important especially when drugs are involved.

Not that too disappointing: People that used very potent (especially illegal ones) will be disappointed if they will know that this isn’t as potent as their usual doses. But this is not entirely a bad thing because it makes the progress a bit more organic and given it’s the safer option it’s still a good one. And many people prefer this kind of progression. If you’re not really in a hurry to get buff but wants to have a significant increase in your muscle mass this is the drug of choice.

This is a perfect all around drug when you are into various cycles. People that preferred using this drug aren’t really in a hurry and knows that this is the perfect drug to get ripped since risks are minimal. And since this drug is not illegal, this drug can be bought everywhere. There isn’t also any dodgy labs that make this drug into a preparation and dosage that are fit for human consumption but you do need to watch out for fake products.

Nandrolona is a good drug for bodybuilding, it might not be a very potent drug but it does compensate because it’s a safer option and has lesser side effects. It’s not that hard to buy but because of its popularity, there are people or websites that sell fakes. It might be a safer option but it doesn’t deny the fact that taking too much and prolong use of this drug can prove to be dangerous. And this is not just exclusive to this drug but applies to drugs that are synthetically made.