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Happiness Is Really A Condition Of Awareness

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Happiness is really a condition of awareness, a condition to be, and it is determined exclusively by our will to manifest it, go through it, appreciate it, and share it. Happiness is intrinsic it’s an inner dimension, among the subtle amounts of existence, among the cornerstones in our being. The way it is the reason why us being where and just what we’re, doing what we should do. As what we should are, for the reason that we’re pleased to whether it is, get it done, and so forth. Otherwise, we’d make a move else. The thing is to find out our degree of happiness, our happiness quotient, and also the individual and private happiness quotient depends upon just how much we are able to disconnect from exterior agents, in the things we project as well as on which we place the entire our attention. The benefits quotient is inversely proportional towards the quotient of attachment. Our happiness quotient is dependent upon our convenience of freedom, the way we have to do with to free ourselves and dissociate from things and exterior agents. There’s two kinds of happiness, the conditioned and unconditional ones.

Conditioned happiness depends upon something outdoors us, for example toys, gifts, people, situations, money. Being conditioned implies that whenever we possess the object of desire, we’re happy and happy, the planet is ours and our self-esteem reaches the heavens. When, however, for some reason, the item of desire is taken away or in some way disappears, immediately our self-esteem falls, we go back to being unhappy, ill-tempered and unlucky. This sort of relative happiness is susceptible to the ups and downs from the apparent outer world and isn’t within our power. We’re not able to determine it beyond a particular limit, and we’re not able to ensure that it stays beyond a particular limit. Actually, such happiness causes us to be slaves slaves from the object, person, situation slaves of whatever may be the cause and supply of our happiness. Such happiness is clearly desirable – that is certainly much better than no happiness – but nonetheless inside a relative way. Simultaneously, maintaining your awareness that this isn’t an enduring happiness is prime it’s not an enduring happiness and, most importantly, not within our hands.

Unconditional happiness is definitely an intrinsic condition to be, an amount of awareness that doesn’t need anything with no someone to subsist it’s grounded by itself. Actually, we want nothing with no someone to be at liberty and absolutely nothing and no-one can go away since it doesn’t have cause, no motivation, with no attachment. Unconditional happiness radiates from inside us, since it is a gene in our DNA, the gene of happiness. This gene, when activated, causes us to be happy always. As unhappy, it’s just because our gene of happiness is dormant, and for that reason must be elevated, or disintegrated through the weight of infinite impractical desires, by which situation there’s no short-term hope. The ignition button in our gene of happiness is at the front in our eyes and it is already on we have to stop having to pay focus on our dreams and observe, rather, who’s watching everything there’s.