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How Doctors Can Facilitate Crowdfunding for Patients Who Are Struggling To Meet Care Cost

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It should be a matter of fundamental principle that in a civilized country, crowdfunding for medical expenses should be completely unnecessary. If you get injured or sick, your medical care should be covered by the community at large.

Yet public appeals by family or individuals for help paying basic medical bills seem to be on the rise in India. Crowdfunding India platforms such as Impact Guru report that medical expenses rank as the largest category of appeals.

In fact, not only patient’s friends and families, now even doctors have started turning to crowdfunding India to help save lives of their patients. Many humanitarian doctors are faced not only with the challenge of alleviating the patient’s medical condition but also the financial crisis of the patient that pushes healthcare out of their reach. Doctors have been setting up fundraisers for patients in need within their capacity for some time now.

Some of the ways through which a doctor can facilitate crowdfunding India for patients who are struggling to meet care cost are:

  1. Tie-up with a crowdfunding platform – A partnership with a crowdfunding site can help speed up the crowdfunding process and help the doctors reach out to more people. This can also help in providing a cost-effective patient financing solution in the market.
  1. Introduce crowdfunding to those who do not know about it – Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in India and not many people know about it. The doctors can take up the responsibility of briefing the low-end patients about crowdfunding and help them set up a crowd fundraiser.
  1. Help them through the whole process – From setting up an attractive fundraiser to helping the patient with regular updates, a doctor can help the patient with the whole process of crowdfunding and help give the patient a new live.