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How to use oxydrolone that increase red blood cells count

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It is one of the several drugs that are used by the body builders across the globe for one purpose or other. But like most of the other drugs it has been banned in most of the countries and you will struggle to purchase it legally as these are manufactured and in circulation under completely different name to hide from the legal institutions and legal authorities. While they agree that it helps in increasing the lean muscle mass and tend to increase the growth of red blood cells among other benefits side effects and undue advantage it gives to athletes who use them have forced authorities to put these drugs under tha ban list.

How to take the oxydrolone

It normally comes in the form of 50mg tablets only. So you need to take it orally. There are some drugs which also can be taken through injection. Normally the drugs which have been taken orally will take longer time to move away from the system hence getting caught in the drug test or screening is very high in the case of orally consumed drugs. When taken as injection it will go away after certain number of hours from the last consumption. This drug is sold under the variety of names and nicknames. Normally doctors don’t recommend this for any other purpose apart from medical care. So one should exercise caution before start using the same. Usage and dosage is generally based on the preference of the person who is going to use. Normally when used in medical field to cure anemia doctors recommend 5 mg per kilogram of the body weight. So the optimal dose for Oxydrolone when you use it for other purpose is 2 mg per kilogram of the body weight. For beginners they suggest to take 25 mg per day will be good dose to begin and as you gain experience you can cut the 50mg tablet in to 2 and take one in morning and the other half in the night. Some experienced body builders use up to 100 mg but that may lead to several side effects. So it is better to start with 25 mg and go up to 50 mg as you gain experience.

For once this drug is not the one to produce quick results. You should be ready to wait for long time to results. Long time here means months together. Regular bodybuilders know this very well. The normal bulking circle involves 6 weeks. You have to start with the lower dosage for the first 2 weeks. You can start with 25 mg to being and move to 50 mg as you get into third week. Also please ensure the cycle does not cross 6 weeks. Some experienced body builders go for advanced cycle where practically the dosage is doubled as compared to the beginner level. But it is not wise to cross 100 mg at any cost as it may lead to severe complications for the person who takes the drug.