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Injectable Steroids Need to Be Administered Properly and Be Cautious While Buying

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Medical community recommends steroids for treating health conditions or issues. Steroids are even bought for enhancing performance and physique. There is a difference in the usage, one is for medical purpose and the other is for entertainment. Steroids usage under unmonitored condition can lead to addiction and high risks of permanent organ damages. Therefore, illegal usage of steroids is banned in majority of countries.

Steroids are available in tablet and injectable forms. Doctors recommend the dosage level and frequency of steroids, especially injectable versions because they are highly potent. You will need a legal prescription to buy steroid injections in the local or worldwide pharmacy.

Bodybuilders and athletes seek injectable or oral steroids from black market suppliers. However, if steroids are purchased from illegal sources then you will need to be aware of the risks.

  • Legal outcomes like possible jail times, huge penalty or both.
  • Spend money in buying a product, which lacks necessary ingredient or is of poor quality to generate anticipated results.
  • Receive product, which is expired or contaminated.
  • Inject product, which is not a steroid or includes low level steroid that is ineffective.

Therefore, if you consider purchasing steroids then be safe about the sources and even know about proper injection methods.

Common sites for steroid injections

Esterified injectable steroids are to be given intramuscularly. Large muscles are found in –

  • The glute or buttocks on the upper left or right quadrant
  • Front of quadriceps muscle in the thigh
  • Upper deltoid or meaty part of your arm
  • Shoulder

Generally, bodybuilders inject injectable steroid dosages in specific muscles like biceps to activate localized muscle cell growth in that area.

However, it is not a recommended practice because this can set-off uncontrolled growth, which causes muscle tiredness and possible muscle damage.

Common injectable steroids

  • Testostorone
  • Deca Durabolin
  • Trenbolone
  • Winstrol
  • HGH

Before you go in search of a reliable source to buy genuine steroid illegally, discuss this with your physician. He gives advice, after evaluating your personal health status.

When you determine to buy steroids for non-medical purpose from abroad, it is necessary to be cautious. Cheap does not define quality and effective product. The increase in demand for illegal steroids has caused manufacturers formulate products just to earn revenue without considering the quality and side effects on consumers.

Herbal ingredients or dietary supplement with a potential to change metabolic or hormonal functions can trigger side effects. So, the bottom line before looking for purchasing steroids without prescription, think about the side effects against short-term benefits.