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Know about Post Cycle Therapy with SERM and HCG

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Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is a method where drugs are taken which can even out and reinstate the hormones of the user to normal when the suppressive anabolic steroid cycle has completed. When the user has stopped using any kind of anabolic androgenic steroids, the natural testosterone production gets hampered as it has been suppressed lately. The user is further left in catabolic post cycle state because of the lowering levels of steroids which affects the capability to keep up the muscle mass. To restore the natural production of testosterone and help maintain the health and muscle mass, you need to take a SERM and an HCG as part of PCT.

Dianabol can be staked with exogenous form of testosterone like testosterone enanthate or propionate to get better result. This cycle can be followed till the anabolic effect of testosterone is achieved. It must be followed by the post cycle therapy to recover.

Procedure to follow PCT

The Post Cycle Therapy has to be followed for one month and then not used steroids for one month. After two months of this procedure, one can return to steroid cycle that one followed earlier. The therapy should include:

  • Testosterone recovery can be done with the mixture of right supplements like HCG and SERM that can make the pituitary to produce testosterone.
  • The aromatization of testosterone should be stopped so that the estrogen cannot be produced.
  • Along with inhibition of estrogen, one has to take care of inhibiting the progesterone to balance the hormones in the body.
  • Right muscle mass can indicate the strength level in the user, so make sure the physical strength is increased or maintained after the cycle.
  • After the steroid cycle the level of cortisol can be high, which is the reason behind fat gain. Hence care must be taken to reduce cortisol level or else all things gained can be lost.
  • All efforts made can be destroyed once the body builders or athletes gain fat. One cannot rely only on drugs to curb fats. So make sure they eat healthy diet and do regular exercise to prevent fat accumulation.
  • Body builders and athletes put a lot of pressure on the body during the cycle to gain the perfect body. It can weaken the body that won’t be able to retain the muscle mass gain. So it is very important that healthy body is achieved with right diet to recover better.
  • Libido is something that proves the well-being of healthy mind and smooth functioning body. Make sure the hormones are working well with a boosting libido.