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Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Addiction You Should Recognize

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Drug addiction is a serious problem. Treatment has to be done right away if you or someone you know is at risk.

Basically, drug addiction happens when you develop a psychology and physical need for a certain substance. It is not always easy to determine when someone has developed drug dependence. Some people, because of their need to continue consuming the substance, will make an effort to mask any visible signs of drug abuse.

But in the long, signs and symptoms are bound to manifest, especially when the body is exposed to prolonged use. Sometimes, the best way to treat addiction is to put him in a drug abuse rehab.

Signs that you should watch out include:

Physical changes

Changes in the body are among the most noticeable signs that some have drug dependence. These changes may include abrupt weight changes (it could be sudden weight gain or weight loss), sudden bruises or infections, bloodshot eyes, and dilated (or sometimes constricted) pupils.

Drug abuse can also cause problems in a person’s brain functions, so any sort of sudden or extreme personal changes should also be looked into.

Long-term substance abuse can also cause heart and organ dysfunctions. Basically, any sudden and severe ailments should be considered a red flag, especially in someone who is suspected to have drug addiction.

Behavioral changes

Apart from changes in the physical body, you can also look into changes in behavior for signs of drug addiction. Abuse of drugs can affect a person’s personality and, eventually, quality of life as he becomes more and more dependent on the substance.

Drug use can also affect one’s ability to think, focus, and form thoughts. If a person has suddenly become less and less coherent overtime, it may be a sign of drug dependence, especially when coupled with other symptoms.

Other signs to watch out for include increased irritability, lethargy, sudden and extreme changes in attitude, and even depression.

People who abuse drugs tend to change their lives in order to support their addiction. Financial problems may be a red flag in this case, since the people suspected of addiction may already be struggling to support his habit. Sudden change in one’s friends or social circle is another; it means the person may have already surrounded himself with on who support his addiction.

If the person has committed crime or has been involved in criminal activities, it is time to consider options such as drug abuse rehab, among other treatments.


A lot of these signs are not easy to see, especially since they may develop gradually overtime. If you suspect someone to be suffering from drug addiction, try to look at small, hidden signs.

Ask yourself: Has the person been suffering from poor judgment lately? Has he been neglecting his responsibilities? Has he developed some unhealthy or bad friendships?

Attention and care are needed in order to treat this kind of substance addiction. There are also many options available in order to treat, including outpatient treatment and inpatient drug abuse rehab. Both options use varies methods to help a person check back into shape, such as detoxification, group therapy, counseling, and relapse prevention education, among others.

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