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The Difference Between Crystal and Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion

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There are two methods of microdermabrasion — diamond-tip and crystal. Both techniques provide similar benefits, yet the process between the two is somewhat different.

The Crystal Method

Crystal microdermabrasion is the most common method of microdermabrasion (although the diamond-tip method is gaining popularity). This method of treatment involves very fine crystals that are transmitted from the machine, by way of a tube and into a stainless steel or glass wand. The crystals are then distributed over the skin through the wand. The exfoliated skin particles and crystals are vacuumed up through the wand. The crystals are then transferred to the machine and then thrown away following every microdermabrasion session.  Aluminium oxide crystals are normally used due to the fact that they are almost as hard as diamonds. Sodium bicarbonate, oxide, magnesium oxide.

The Diamond-Tip Method

Rather than applying crystals to exfoliate the skin, a diamond-tip wand is passed over the epidermis. The wand then gently scrapes the skin, and the exfoliated particles are then sucked up via the wand. A simpler way to understand how the microdermabrasion process works is to think of crystal microdermabrasion like a gentle sandblasting to the skin, and diamond-tip microdermabrasion like a soft sandpaper.

The Diamond-tip method is somewhat cleaner than the crystal method mostly because there are no grainy crystals left on the skin.  Some report that they feel this approach is safer considering that there are no crystals left on the skin that will get into the eyes. However, if your microdermabrasion technician is experienced and careful, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Some patients rather have the diamond-tip method mainly because of the lack of crystals involved in the process. For some, breathing in the aluminium oxide crystals can be quite bothersome, and in some can cause short-term breathing problems. The wand creates a closed loop, and the crystals are vacuumed back into the microdermabrasion machine and don’t scatter out into the air for the patient to inhale.

Microdermabrasion Results

Crystal and Diamond-tip microdermabrasion both work similar to one another. The skin is thoroughly exfoliated by either the diamond tip or the crystals; thus, it feels smoother, thicker and softer as soon as the session is over. This exfoliation minimises also gives you a brighter complexion.

The suctioning part of the treatment is as important as the exfoliation step, (negative pressure) which is where the suction activates the dermis, creating a restructuring process to take place. The Microdermabrasion process triggers a wound response in the epidermis. While the skin is repairing itself, it becomes smoother and healthier in appearance. Check out Microdermabrasion Brisbane & Gold Coast Treatments – Esteem Medi Spa for more information on both microdermabrasion techniques.