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Tips On Using Sustanon Safely For Bodybuilding!

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Most anabolic steroids in the market are designed to work like synthetic testosterone. Among the various options, Sustanon testosterone is quite popular and is also known to many as Sustanon 250. While it was meant to be a possible treatment for hypogonadism, it’s not used in the US anymore owing to its potency. Sustanon is a prescription-only drug in most countries, and below are some of the other aspects worth knowing.

The fundamental aspects

Steroids are not available for nonmedical purposes, and the drug laws are pretty strict, at least in the US. Users looking for Sustanon often buy it underground laboratories or online sources. This is an effective steroid as far as performance enhancement is concerned. The use of Sustanon is banned by many known sporting associations, especially keeping the potential chances of abuse in consideration. It’s important to mention that Sustanon 250 is an older form of testosterone, and therefore, it differs from many other newer forms with regards to the number of esters attached to it.

Knowing Sustanon better

Sustanon can aid in gaining muscles, endurance, and strength, and these benefits are often used by bodybuilders in the bulking cycles. The effects of Sustanon are also dependent on the current testosterone level of the user. For example, if your testosterone level is between 300 ng and 1000 ng, you may not see much of a difference as compared to someone with low levels of the hormone. Sustanon contains four esters that make testosterone more lipophilic. The half-life of these esters are different, and some of the bodybuilding forums have contradicting information on these facts.

Side effects

Steroids can cause numerous side effects in the body. Since Sustanon mimics the effects of testosterone, the testes may not produce the hormone naturally, which can lead to something known as testicular atrophy. This can further lead to infertility concerns, as well. The estrogenic effects of this steroid are also well known, and in most cases, users have to take other drugs to keep things under control. Sustanon can also cause acne and male pattern baldness, and one may have considerable and frequent mood swings. Aggression is one of the most common side effects, and one must be careful with changes in emotions, as well.

With any steroid, it is better to be cautious than sorry. Know more about Sustanon before you take the final call on using it for fitness needs.